lay a solid foundation upon which to build ...

Core Human Resources Framework

Is your company too small to have a separate HR Department yet needs guidance on navigating in this complex area? Or are your internal teams already fully stretched with their day-to-day workloads? Or are they perhaps just not the right fit for what needs to be done? Are you lacking the bench-strength to implement a senior level initiative?  

Expand your team's capabilities and stay focused on your core business. Concentric can operate as an extension to your team. We can design, kick-start, supplement or completely undertake the implementation of your people strategy at a competitive price that keeps overhead low and your people focused on the core of your business. Create more value and a more powerful future for the business with a results-driven HR plan.

Consistent with our philosophy of transferring expertise and building internal capabilities, support can be provided in a variety of ways:

  • On-site or off-site
  • Retained
  • Per diem
  • Per-project fee arrangement

We can help with specific initiatives and even help with day-to-day people issues and programs. Or... we can take a more systemic approach that identifies risks, gaps, strengths and opportunities within your people operation. We'll design a flexible road map with options to address them either on your own or with us as your strategic partner.