an agile workforce requires agile leaders . . .

Leadership Development

"I think it's a very different challenge [today] than the leadership of the 20th century...
New leaders have to be very flexible, adaptable and have very high emotional intelligence... You've got to be a consensus builder. You have to be very open, transparent, constantly seeking input from lots of different sources and able to set a context for work rather than describe how work gets done." ~ Kevin Wheeleand - Chairman of Future of Talent Institute.

We collaborate with organizations to build talented leadership pipelines and develop bench-strength for inspired performance. Through a collection of approaches and activities including assessment, competency modeling, strategy, psychology, development and brain-based coaching we work with:

  • individuals to develop their leadership skills to step up and take on new challenges
  • leadership teams to set direction and work well together
  • executives to develop the skills and behaviors needed to develop exceptional people performance

Concentric works to ensure that our clients have leadership in place at all levels that will attract and develop outstanding talent, provide high-impact thinking, drive change across the enterprise and deliver exceptional results.