key premise = organizations are fluid social systems

Your organization and situation is unique and so is the approach we take with each client.

While there are millions of companies in the world, there is not a single one that is just like you.  Your opportunities, challenges and strengths are yours and yours alone which is why we approach each and every situation with open ears and eyes, a fresh mindset and a blank notepad.

Ripple Effect

Our approach is couched in the key premise that the organization is a social system. By taking a holistic systems approach to our clients most challenging issues, we’re able to develop solutions that deliver lasting value.

Both Art & Science

People are complex and optimizing performance is both art and science. Contemporary brain-based research is revealing the social nature of the high performance workforce and models on how the brain learns best. We apply the findings of neuroscience in practical ways to drive behavior.

Your Secret Weapon

Company culture is at the heart of competitive advantage because it is the hardest thing for competitors to copy. We help organization’s capture their own magic – not try to duplicate someone else’s.

Our Logo

Our logo is symbolic of the concentric impact that is created when a pebble is tossed into a pond. This “ripple effect” touches the organization far and wide. Accordingly, everything that we do keeps the overall system impact in mind, with the realization that each area overlaps with others.

The people in your organization have the answers; we just help them arrive at the answers faster.