rapid positive change by improving the way people think...

NeuroLeadership Coaching

Recent discoveries in brain research are breaking new ground in our ability to create highly functioning organizations. This brain-based approach to coaching is built on a solid theoretical framework for how and why coaching works - drawing from contemporary Neuroscience research in conjunction with support from Systems Theory, Change Theory, Learning Theory and Positive Psychology.

Since 1997, a field called NeuroLeadership has been exploring the deeper biology behind organizational change, leadership and performance coaching. The latest findings emerging from the NeuroLeadership field focus on the big surprises about the brain that are counter to our intuitive hunches and suggest breakthrough new ways of approaching organizational interventions, from giving everyday feedback through to a wide-scale change initiatives.

Having a hard science to explain how and why coaching works improves the quality of coaching and speeds up rapid positive change. It improves the way people think - emphasizing long-term change through facilitating insight, then focusing attention on new behaviors and lastly, putting in place sound processes to support real change.