the best way to predict the future is to create it ... peter drucker

Organizational Effectiveness

"Elevation, engagement and success reinforce one another in a positive feedback loop.  The 80-20 reversal or turn to strengths does more than perform - it transforms... It builds an enterprise-wide capacity and achieves a multiplier effect.  The shift happen when leaders turn macro, not just micro, in their strengths thinking."           
~ Peter Cooperrider, Professor Case Western University & Pioneering Thought Leader of Appreciative Inquiry

Organizational Development 

There are many situations that require organizations to adapt, change, or transform in order to not only survive - but thrive in a new context. Today, organizations must consistently adapt to overcome challenges in effectiveness, engage their people in generating solutions and design work environments that will optimize individual and organizational potential, while also retaining top talent. 

We can help by diagnosing individual, team and enterprise effectiveness, implementing personalized OD solutions and supporting acquisitions, change, and strategy execution. We do this in a way that takes into account your organizational members’ emotions, needs, attitudes, and values. In short, we help you to create and/ or sustain a healthy workplace.

Manage Change

Whenever organizations restructure a line of business, service, or product, change occurs. New competencies, structure, ways of thinking about the work, and communication patterns are needed.  To stay ahead of the competition, companies need to be agile and learn to manage change effectively— implementing new practices, policies, systems, culture, business models and structures to meet shifting conditions and emergent needs. 

Concentric can help you re-design functions, competencies and performance metrics to inspire and engage employees. We can also help you clearly communicate the organization's core values and manage the emotional side of change.

Support Acquisition and Integration

According to research, 8 out of 10 acquisitions miss the mark. Most acquisitions occur with little consideration for the talent merge during the early stages of acquisition. We recognize the importance of integration planning during the early stages of acquisition and can support you in job/workforce analyses and leader assessments to ensure that the right people are also doing the right work.  Our involvement can begin in the due diligence process and continue through the cultural transformation phases to provide for a better success rate.


There has never before been so much generational diversity in the workforce. While the generations are more similar in attitudes toward work than distinct, research has shown that a few key differences do exist.

In just eight short years, young adults born between 1976 and 2001 will comprise 46% of the U.S. workforce. So while it's important that your organizational culture be adaptive enough to meet the diverse needs of the four generations today, it must also know how to attract, retain and develop Gen Y and Millennial High Performers.   

Link Strategy to Execution

During changing business climates, organizations need to update and re-think their business strategies. We can facilitate process discovery and strategic planning for senior leaders who are refocusing and refining plans.