maximize the performance of your people . . .

Quintessential Performance Model 

We’ve all heard it said that our employees are our greatest assets. Yet, when it comes to maximizing people performance, most managers and executives don’t have a clue where to start or what to do!

Until the underlying obstacles that are blocking top people performance in your organization are identified and addressed, your greatest assets are being wasted and dollars are being squandered. Our programs prepare managers to define and communicate the results they need from their direct reports and to help employees see how their individual contributions impact the entire organization's performance.

Identify the Breakdowns & Create an Action Plan

Concentric Leadership Partners utilizes the QuintEssential Performance Model which identifies the breakdowns blocking superior people performance and establishes a plan to overcome them.  The following model graphically represents the 18 variables that must be aligned to achieve superior people performance for individuals, teams, departments, and organizations.

Level 1    Foundation
Ties people performance to the strategic direction of the company, describes who the organization says it is, where it says it’s going, what it values, and how its “corporate citizens” behave

Level 2    Infrastructure
Provides the tools, direction and resources employees need to perform up to expectations

Level 3    Communications Membrane™
Links individuals and their needs and expectations to the organization and its needs and expectations

Level 4    Individual
Describes the attributes, knowledge, and skills each individual possesses

Level 5    Achievement of QuintEssential Performance
Having the right people in the right positions performing at or above your expectations for their positions

Did you know...

  • 50% of the average workforce’s capacity is wasted on nonproductive work. ~ Corporate Strategy Board Research: Measures that Matter
  • More than 90% of workers do not understand their employers’ goals.               ~ Norton & Kaplan
  • More than 80% of companies are not using their workforces at full at full potential.  ~ Saratoga Institute

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